Markham Inter Company Soccer League

2014 Season


Fixtures & Results Here you will find details of the scheduled games and results of games played. If you find any errors or if you have results you want to inform me of  - email me here. Regards,  Rob Lewtas
Date Game # Division Home Score Away Field  Notes
22-May-14 1 A/A Intec 5-0 CH2MHill Ashton Meadows  
22-May-14 1 A AECOM FC 1-0 Platform Bishops Cross  
22-May-14 1 A ALEA 5-0 MMM Huntingdon  
22-May-14 1 B Fleet Complete 0-3 SCS Consulting John Button  
22-May-14 1 B UnReal Madrid 0-1 WSP Group Unionville School East  
22-May-14 1 B/A RV Anderson 1-1 ATI Unionville School West  
22-May-14 1 B/B BLK Mcd Honey 0-5 Southfire Woodbine  
29-May-14 2 A MMM 1-4 Intec Ashton Meadows  
29-May-14 2 B WSP Group 7-2 Fleet Complete Bishops Cross  
29-May-14 2 A AECOM FC 4-3 ATI Huntingdon  
29-May-14 2 B/B Southfire 5-1 RV Anderson John Button  
29-May-14 2 A/A ALEA 4-3 CH2MHill Unionville School East  
29-May-14 2 A/B Platform 6-0 BLK Mcd Honey Unionville School West  
29-May-14 2 B SCS Consulting 0-3 UnReal Madrid Woodbine  
05-Jun-14 3 A AECOM FC 1-1 Southfire Ashton Meadows  
05-Jun-14 3 A/B MMM 2-2 CH2MHill Bishops Cross  
05-Jun-14 3 A ALEA 4-2 Intec Huntingdon  
05-Jun-14 3 A Platform 3-2 ATI John Button  
05-Jun-14 3 B RV Anderson 4-1 BLK Mcd Honey Unionville School East  
05-Jun-14 3 B UnReal Madrid 3-2 Fleet Complete Unionville School West  
05-Jun-14 3 B WSP Group 2-3 SCS Consulting Woodbine  
12-Jun-14 4 B Fleet Complete 1-1 Southfire Ashton Meadows  
12-Jun-14 4 B SCS Consulting 7-2 BLK Mcd Honey Bishops Cross  
12-Jun-14 4 A Intec 3-4 Platform Huntingdon  
12-Jun-14 4 INTER UnReal Madrid 0-3 MMM John Button  
12-Jun-14 4 B WSP Group 1-3 RV Anderson Unionville School East  
12-Jun-14 4 A ALEA 1-2 ATI Unionville School West  
12-Jun-14 4 B CH2MHill 1-6 AECOM FC Woodbine  
19-Jun-14 5 B RV Anderson 0-2 SCS Consulting Ashton Meadows  
19-Jun-14 5 INTER ALEA 4-0 WSP Group Bishops Cross  
19-Jun-14 5 B BLK Mcd Honey 3-2 Fleet Complete Huntingdon  
19-Jun-14 5 B Southfire 3-4 UnReal Madrid John Button  
19-Jun-14 5 A ATI 4-3 Intec Unionville School East  
19-Jun-14 5 A Platform 5-1 CH2MHill Unionville School West  
19-Jun-14 5 A AECOM FC 0-2 MMM Woodbine  
26-Jun-14 6 A AECOM FC 0-5 ALEA Ashton Meadows  
26-Jun-14 6 A ATI - CH2MHill Bishops Cross game postponed
26-Jun-14 6 B BLK Mcd Honey - UnReal Madrid Huntingdon game postponed
26-Jun-14 6 B RV Anderson 3-2 Fleet Complete John Button  
26-Jun-14 6 A MMM 2-2 Platform Unionville School East  
26-Jun-14 6 B WSP Group 0-4 Southfire Unionville School West  
26-Jun-14 6 INTER SCS Consulting 3-4 Intec Woodbine  
03-Jul-14 7 B UnReal Madrid 2-1 RV Anderson Ashton Meadows  
03-Jul-14 7 A ALEA 1-1 Platform Bishops Cross  
03-Jul-14 7 B Fleet Complete 0-2 CH2MHill Huntingdon  
03-Jul-14 7 B WSP Group 3-5 BLK Mcd Honey John Button  
03-Jul-14 7 B SCS Consulting 0-7 Southfire Unionville School East  
03-Jul-14 7 A Intec 3-1 AECOM FC Unionville School West  
03-Jul-14 7 A ATI 1-3 MMM Woodbine  
10-Jul-14 8 B WSP Group 1-0 UnReal Madrid Ashton Meadows  
10-Jul-14 8 INTER ATI 3-0 RV Anderson Bishops Cross  
10-Jul-14 8 B Southfire 2-1 BLK Mcd Honey Huntingdon  
10-Jul-14 8 B SCS Consulting 4-3 Fleet Complete John Button  
10-Jul-14 8 A CH2MHill 3-3 Intec Unionville School East  
10-Jul-14 8 A Platform 2-1 AECOM FC Unionville School West  
10-Jul-14 8 A MMM 1-3 ALEA Woodbine  
17-Jul-14 9 A CH2MHill 0-5 ALEA Ashton Meadows  
17-Jul-14 9 INTER BLK Mcd Honey 0-1 Platform Bishops Cross  
17-Jul-14 9 B UnReal Madrid 0-1 SCS Consulting Huntingdon  
17-Jul-14 9 B RV Anderson 1-2 Southfire John Button  
17-Jul-14 9 A Intec 1-3 MMM Unionville School East  
17-Jul-14 9 B Fleet Complete 2-2 WSP Group Unionville School West  
17-Jul-14 9 A ATI 2-2 AECOM FC Woodbine  
24-Jul-14 10 B BLK Mcd Honey 2-2 RV Anderson Ashton Meadows  
24-Jul-14 10 B Fleet Complete 2-1 UnReal Madrid Bishops Cross  
24-Jul-14 10 B SCS Consulting 1-1 WSP Group Huntingdon  
24-Jul-14 10 A ATI 1-1 Platform John Button  
24-Jul-14 10 INTER Southfire 2-1 AECOM FC Unionville School East  
24-Jul-14 10 A CH2MHill 0-2 MMM Unionville School West  
24-Jul-14 10 A Intec 2-1 ALEA Woodbine  
31-Jul-14 11 B RV Anderson 1-2 WSP Group Ashton Meadows  
31-Jul-14 11 A ATI 0-1 ALEA Bishops Cross  
31-Jul-14 11 A AECOM FC 9-0 CH2MHill Huntingdon  
31-Jul-14 11 INTER MMM 1-1 UnReal Madrid John Button  
31-Jul-14 11 B Southfire 5-0 Fleet Complete Unionville School East  
31-Jul-14 11 B BLK Mcd Honey 3-4 SCS Consulting Unionville School West  
31-Jul-14 11 A Platform 0-2 Intec Woodbine  
07-Aug-14 12 A Intec 3-1 ATI Ashton Meadows  
07-Aug-14 12 A CH2MHill 1-3 Platform Bishops Cross  
07-Aug-14 12 A MMM 0-3 AECOM FC Huntingdon  
07-Aug-14 12 B UnReal Madrid 1-3 Southfire John Button  
07-Aug-14 12 B SCS Consulting 2-2 RV Anderson Unionville School East  
07-Aug-14 12 INTER WSP Group 0-2 ALEA Unionville School West  
07-Aug-14 12 B Fleet Complete 3-1 BLK Mcd Honey Woodbine  
14-Aug-14 13 A Platform 1-1 MMM Ashton Meadows  
14-Aug-14 13 B Southfire 6-1 WSP Group Bishops Cross  
14-Aug-14 13 INTER Intec 7-1 SCS Consulting Huntingdon  
14-Aug-14 13 B Fleet Complete 3-2 RV Anderson John Button  
14-Aug-14 13 A ALEA 2-2 AECOM FC Unionville School East  
14-Aug-14 13 A CH2MHill 1-3 ATI Unionville School West  
14-Aug-14 13 B UnReal Madrid 3-2 BLK Mcd Honey Woodbine  
21-Aug-14 14 B Southfire 2-0 SCS Consulting Ashton Meadows SCS forfeit
21-Aug-14 14 A AECOM FC 1-8 Intec Bishops Cross  
21-Aug-14 14 A MMM 0-1 ATI Huntingdon  
21-Aug-14 14 B BLK Mcd Honey 7-5 WSP Group John Button  
21-Aug-14 14 B RV Anderson 0-2 UnReal Madrid Unionville School East  
21-Aug-14 14 A Platform V ALEA Unionville School West awaiting result
21-Aug-14 14 INTER CH2MHill 2-3 Fleet Complete Woodbine  
28-Aug-14 6 A ATI 5-0 CH2MHill Bishops Cross  
28-Aug-14 6 B BLK Mcd Honey 1-4 UnReal Madrid Huntingdon  
04-Sep-14 15 INTER ALEA 1-1 BLK Mcd Honey Ashton Meadows  
04-Sep-14 15 INTER Platform  2-0 RV Anderson Bishops Cross default
04-Sep-14 15 INTER Intec 2-2 Fleet Complete Huntingdon  
04-Sep-14 15 INTER ATI 5-1 WSP Group John Button  
04-Sep-14 15 INTER MMM 3-0 UnReal Madrid Unionville School East  
04-Sep-14 15 INTER AECOM FC 4-0 SCS Consulting Unionville School West  
04-Sep-14 15 INTER CH2MHill 1-1 Southfire Woodbine  
11-Sep-14 Q 'A'' Playoff ATI   Southfire Ashton Meadows  
11-Sep-14 R 'A'' Playoff Platform 1-1 CH2MHill Bishops Cross CH2M win on penalties
11-Sep-14 S 'A'' Playoff ALEA 1-1 AECOM Huntingdon ALEA win on penalties
11-Sep-14 L "B"Playoff SCS Consulting   Fleet Complete John Button  
11-Sep-14 M "B"Playoff UnReal Madrid   WSP Group Unionville School East  
11-Sep-14 T 'A'' Playoff Intec 3-2 MMM Unionville School West  
11-Sep-14 N friendly RV Anderson   BLK Mcd Honey Woodbine  
18-Sep-14 O   Winner Q   CH2MHill Ashton Meadows  
18-Sep-14 U   Winner L   Winner M Bishops Cross  
18-Sep-14 P   ALEA   Intec Huntingdon  
18-Sep-14     Loser Q   Platform John Button  
18-Sep-14     AECOM   MMM Unionville School East  
18-Sep-14     Loser L   Loser M Unionville School West  
18-Sep-14     RV Anderson   BLK Mcd Honey Woodbine  
25-Sep-14 FINAL   Winner O   Winner P